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BYOD Lernstick & Exam environment

What is the "Lernstick"?

The "Lernstick" is a mobile and secure learning and working environment for school and home that can be installed on external storage media (e.g. USB sticks, USB hard drives, SD cards, ...), so that almost any computer* can be started from these storage media. In principle, no hard disk with an installed operating system is required. (Optionally, the system can still be installed on a hard disk).

This makes the "Lernstick" an ideal platform for so-called "Bring Your Own Device" scenarios in which pupils, students or learners use their private devices for school purposes as well.

* The Lernstick system requires an Intel-compatible computer (both standard and Apple computers) with at least 512 MB main memory.


What is the "Lernstick Exam Environment"?

In addition, there is a special version of the "Lernstick", the "Lernstick Exam Environment", in which access to Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth and local storage media (internal hard disk, other USB sticks) is initially prevented by default. However, certain network accesses (e.g. network printers or websites) can be allowed for the exam via a whitelist. Furthermore, the selection of software in the exam environment is reduced to exam-relevant software.

The Academic Upper Secondary School ("Kantonsschule") of Sursee documented the performance of an exam with one of the first offline versions of the Lernstick Exam Environment on Youtube: 


Logo Kantonsschule + Berufs- und Weiterbildung Zofingen

The exam environment was further developed in cooperation with the Academic Upper Secondary School Zofingen ("Kantonsschule") and the Vocational and Further Education Centre Zofingen. In particular, Roman Gruber developed the Glados exam server, which is suitable for the Lernstick exam environment.

Why use the "Lernstick"?

Using "Lernsticks" results in lower costs as the maintenance effort can be reduced enormously. Since it is licence-free software, no licence fees have to be paid. The synchronisation of data between different computers is no longer necessary, as the data is always stored on the "Lernstick" storage medium.

What is on the "Lernstick"?

On the Lernstick there are learning programmes, a complete office package, internet applications, multimedia software, programmes for digital video and image editing, games and space for personal data and settings.
All programmes installed on the Lernstick have been tested by us and assigned to different categories and application areas.