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Open Data Lecture

Open Data

“Those who can write computer programs help shape the digital world”
The Open Data lecture provides a comprehensive overview into Open Data and Open Government. Conceptual, social, legal and technical aspects of Open Data and Open Government Data are discussed. The numerous guest speakers offer a very high degree of practical relevance. In addition, the students receive an introduction in web programming with HTML, CSS, SVG, JavaScript, JSON and D3.js, in order to gain technical skills for the development of interactive data visualizations. (Programming skills not required for participating.) This allows students to implement their own Open Data application that displays and interprets real data sets - examples from past years can be viewed here.

To implement their own Open Data application, students can choose from a publicly accessible data set (e.g. from to create an innovative Open Data app. Or they can work in collaboration with one of the "Data Coaches” from the field, who contribute specific data sets from public institutions, private companies or another domain and professionally accompany the student-teams.